Best mattress – Casper mattress?

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Casper mattress is plush and so comfortable and I felt great this morning!!! It is heavy to inflate by yourself but with help it went very fast, no order and we slept on it the first night. Once I removed it from the box and removed the plastic cover that held it rolled up it was like inflating a life raft. make sure you do open it in a large area. It nearly opened itself and was quite satisfying to watch. It opened and was at its 13″ in less than 30 minutes. I slept on it 4 hours later and was in la la land in minutes.

I have gone to Costco several times to check their mattresses and this looks even better if that can even be said. Nobody in my family could believe the price of this Casper mattress considering the quality and hassle free purchase, delivery and set up. I really didn’t notice a chemical smell as others have reported at all. The best part? I didn’t have to wait the 24 hrs they said it might take for the bed to fully expand. It has not sunk in the middle like other coil mattresses tend to do and it does not squeak or make noises when you lay. It does seem to hold in a bit more heat than other mattresses but I honestly don’t mind this because I like to be a little warm when I sleep. There are some slight indents on my side of the mattress but they are small and it is to be expected. I would not consider this a 10 year mattress, more like a year or two realistically, but I believe the mattress is priced accordingly.

The only negative is that the edges droop a bit when you sit on them. I sleep with my feet off the bed and they sag a bit but its not that important to me. I only mention because I saw some people mention that as a negative so figured I’d mention. After a week I could not be more happy, and would buy another one in a second. We were overdue for getting a new Casper mattress and have been looking to get one for the past few months.

I have been dealing with back pains for the past while and sleeping on this bed has taken them away. I decided to give it a try. I’ve had the mattress for 3 months now, and i have to say. I am extremely happy with this purchase. I like my bed a bit on the firmer side but not too firm and this is exactly that.

I have only briefly lain on it myself but it feels much better than the Restonic mattress I got for myself 5 years ago that is already worn out, was twice the price of this one and is now making my hips and legs hurt. It would be considered amazingly comfortable at any price-point, and still looks brand new. Seriously, I am still in awe. I usually prefer a softer mattress but knew I should purchase a firmer one for support. I wouldn’t have paid an extra couple hundred dollars for handles. Would you?

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